A creative website has become an integral part of contemporary medical practice today. Doctors, Hospitals or any Medical professionals can no longer sustain not having their own web presence. Just like a doctor need a clinic to practice, a website has become an online address for any practice or doctor.

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Have you ever wondered why you coming back to one specific website again and again? The answer to that is a nicely made creative & attractive web design. Now a days users of websites are picky and more tech savvy. In this scenario, they don’t only see to the service which you are offering but also how your online presence is.

Why doctors need a creative website?

Potential current patients are increasingly using websites as a starting point for gathering information about Doctors & their hospitals.

Reason behind it is they’re treating healthcare more like a consumer purchase, and the information they find shapes their decisions. In fact, a recent Health Management Academy survey revealed: 66% people used hospital’s website to know more about the facilities or get updates about the latest treatment available.

For most of your visitors, your website will provide the first impression of your Hospital/Clinic. If it is clean and professional, stay and look around a bit chances are high. Doctors directly cannot market themselves, in that case a creative website can market their practice and also it can be used to educate patients more about the upcoming technology to cure diseases. Website with a library of animated surgery videos, anatomy, medical procedures and disorders makes it more impressive and useful for a visitor who wants to gather more information about particular disease/disorder.

Patients’ research about their doctors before they visit and the best interface/media is a website. A patient coming through the internet would be completely different from your everyday average walk-in patients, they are well educated and informed and would be more demanding, but they would be patients who know exactly what they want. Patients who read reviews about your hospital or practice online know that you are a professional and serious about the services you offer. You also need to have realistic expectations of what your website can do for you. It would be wrong to say that just having a creative & attractive website is all what you need. Your practice online brings its expertise to promote your website so that you could be found when searched for by patients.

Patients are perturbed to get information about their illness or treatments, and many of them will use the website to find information, they get the required information on website rather than other published articles, this also helps in making the patient comfortable with your practice.

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Relevance & Latest Trends of a website

Busy doctors or medical professionals may feel creating up a creative website is a waste of time, however, every good & smart doctor knows that keeping their patients happy and providing excellent patient education and care so easily is key to their success. A good creative website provides many value added services and information for your patients.

It can provide information such as:

  • Hospital/Clinic Working Hours
  • Address, Phone Numbers and directions (Map) on how to get to the practice
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Answers to commonly asked questions or FAQ’s
  • Surgery Videos and information on the treatments offered
  • Pres and post-procedure instructions & results
  • Online Patient Forms, this could shorten wait time at the practice
  • Post-procedure instructions

All this and more attractive features on a websites helps in serving patients round the clock, without requiring them to call or visit, making your website a valuable & important support centre.